CORONAVIRUS: FDC urges people to eat more greens, fruits

Nandala Mafabi in his office

KAMPALA – Nathan Nandala-Mafabi, the Forum Democratic Change (FDC) Party Secretary-General has urged Ugandans to eat more greens and fruits to keep their bodies healthy.

Sharing from the party’s Facebook page on Sunday morning, Mafabi also tasked the citizens to help each other in this hard time of coronavirus.

He said “Friends, we are in hard times, and likely more hard times ahead. With the poor health infrastructure in this country, everyone has cause to worry.”

“But let’s keep safe. People in the village, let’s eat more greens and fruits since they are free. Let’s share the little with our neighbours. Wash hands and practice social distancing,” he appealed.

Mr Mafabi reminded that “We can only achieve if we are alive.”

On Saturday evening, the Ministry of Health confirmed seven new cases of coronavirus in Uganda bringing the total number to 30.

The ministry announced the latest figures through a tweet on its official handle.

“7 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Uganda today, Saturday 28 March 2020. This brings the total to 30 confirmed cases in the country. Out of 225 samples run today, 218 samples have tested negative for COVID-19,” the ministry wrote.

The ministry did not provide details of the patients but the higher percentage of those diagnosed with COVID19 are travellers who returned from Dubai.

Uganda was previously not checking travelers from Dubai, saying it was not a high-risk country.

President Yoweri Museveni on Saturday morning said there might be need for more drastic measures to curb the spread.

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