Dr. Kizza Besigye outlines his intended ‘Plan B’ to oust Museveni

Dr Kizza Besigye being hosted on NTV Uganda

KAMPALA – Former and President and founder of popular opposition party FDC, Dr Kizza Besigye has given highlights of PLAN B that he intends to take as a way to oust Uganda’s longest serving President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye who was expected to stand again in 2021 election race declined and instead announced that he will be opting for PLAN B, saying that only election can not get Museveni off the seat.

Now, being hosted on NTV Uganda on Thursday evening, Besigye gave an insight on how PLAN B could be.

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KAMARA: When you opted out of 2021 elections as a candidate, you said you are going to PLAN B. We are four days into election campaigns and many people are asking where is PLAN B?

BESIGYE: We have been very forthright on what PLAN B entails; what it’s supposed to be different from elections. We have been very clear that PLAN B is fighting for our RIGHTS; fighting fo our POWER ; fighting for our FREEDOM.

KAMARA: But how?

BESIGYE: Fighting using NON-VIOLENT ACTIONS. And there are so many range of actions that one can take to do so.

I get totally surprised that Ugandans talk as if they don’t know that their ancestors, who were Ugandans, fought and defeated colonialists who had come from outside and captured Uganda.

The British were defeated by our ancestors using PLAN B. The British didn’t leave because they were voted out. How did the British leave?

The British didn’t leave Uganda because we started a war of guns. So the major frustration I have is that frankly we have generations now of people that don’t pay attention to our history which should give us the foundation on how to build on the future.

KAMARA: The people who leading the struggle against the colonialists were able to build some civic competences and vibrant citizenry but that vibrancy is lacking now.

BESIGYE: Absolutely. That is what we must build. You and I must get involved. The other problem we have is the Ugandans think it’s my business as Besigye and not theirs. You hear people saying you Besigye has failed. If I have failed, it’s fine, because no body pays me.

But you who has not failed, take over. What I can understand are people who say we should do something else from what I am doing. There are for example people who think we can defeat Museveni by taking up guns. I don’t agree with them but they are entirely justified in coming to that conclusion. It’s their right to think that way and I don’t stop them from implementing their thoughts. I have my own thoughts and those who believe in our plans, they should join and we implement our plans and thoughts.

KAMARA: If you have not been build a vibrant citizenry for the last 20yrs with civic competence that can engage the government to cause change, you really think now is the time to make them more vibrant and and oppose government?

BESIGYE: Again, I have said innumerable times that you only fail when you stop trying. That is when you fail; that is when you call yourself a failure.

As long as you trying to achieve what you consider needs to be achieved, soon or later, by the grace of God, you get there.

I have never been deterred even if it’s 40yrs, 50yrs I will keep on doing what I think needs to be done.

You just said at the beginning of the show that in other countries, there are leaders who won after trying seven times. If they had stopped at four like me, they could have failed. They didn’t stop.

Please quote me correctly: I have been saying that the objective of this struggle is not to get into leadership; the objective of the struggle is to change the power structure so that our country isn’t controlled by a few armed people but controlled by the people of Uganda and the armed people are our servants. That is what we what to change.

Since Uganda was created, the MASTERS are the armed and the people are their SERVANTS. The few who are armed control all our wealth and use as they want, and people are suffering and starving. That must change.

It’s not that Besigye must become a leader. If Besigye became leader and succeeded Museveni in the current establishment, nothing stop Besigye acting like Museveni, because people will have no capacity to cause Besigye to do what they want.

KAMARA: In your 20yrs of opposing Government, do you see people gaining capability to stand and oppose so that their voice is heard?

BESIGYE: Yes, without any slightest doubt. The people of Uganda are only let down. The people are focused, they understand what I am saying, they are bold enough to take actions and take alot of actions, and nearly succeeded in the last couple of years.

What Museveni stopped Kabaka from going to Kayunga (2009 riots), you saw what the people were capable of doing without any leadership.

During Walk to Work, we nearly succeeded in changing the status of power in Uganda. In fact, I always say if I had not been taken out for treatment after Mulago Round About incident, possibly it was going to happen.

The let down for the people is the leadership. The leaders are the betrayers. And all those who have kept Ugandans captive including Mr. Museveni have been focused on targeting and weakening leadership.

KAMARA: So you are looking for Mass Insurrection, civil disobedience?

BESIGYE. Absolutely, it’s perfectly in order, in fact it’s a CONSTITUTIONAL COMMAND- Article 3. That is why we say ARTICLE 3. It’s says when the constitution we passed in 1995 has been violated the way Mr Museveni has trumpled on it, to a point of non-existence, when that happens, we have a duty to fight back.

Mr. Museveni would have had Business being on our ballots again when the whole country was unanimously shouting that ‘Don’t Touch our Constitution’, he used force by attacking Parliament in broad day light, beat up people all over the country and raped the country.

KAMARA: You know there are representatives in the house who okayed the Constitutional amendment. There was a vote in Parliament and there are People’s representatives in that house. Museveni has the majority.

BESIGYE: They are captive. If Mr. Museveni okayed it, why did he take forces there? Was there MPs in Parliament who were armed?

KAMARA: Do you believe there was a vote in that Parliament to okay removal of age limit?

BESIGYE: Let me tell you, I have been to Luzira many times. Prisoners can be made to vote but can the PRISONERS VOTE TO GET OUT OF PRISON? They can’t.

So people in Parliament are prisoners like the rest of the people and of course on top of terrorizing them, as you Mr. Museveni uses our wealth to bribe.

You know how much has been paid to change the constitution and he is still paying. He just used borrowed money during COVID-19 lockdown to pay 40M to all 317 MPs who supported removal of age limit.

So he uses terror, uses our money to bribe and that is why I am saying leaders are the problem of Uganda because leaders are the ones on stalls being bought.

We the leaders are the ones who say we can not go to prison because we are too important to take any risk not to get freedom for the country.

Ordinary people will do everything but the we the leaders let them down because we can’t risk.

So PLAN B is not discussed in the media but I have made an outline of what it is; that it is to FIGHT, not to BEG or throw a piece of paper in a box and call it an election.


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