Gamer’s Empire brings first 9D experience in Uganda

Singer A Pass playing FIFA in the new gaming Arena

KAMPALA – On Saturday 5th, guests who were on invite only experienced the official launch and ribbon cutting of Gamer’s Empire. The gaming hub located on UK Mall in Kansanga opened doors to Gamer’s in and around Kampala and unlike the gaming hubs with just Play Station games like FIFA, NBA, Justice League, Blurr, Motor Kombat and Grand Theft Auto among others, Gamers Empire opened with a variety of games and most of all the Virtual Reality (VR) games that include VR O Watch Chair, VR Space, Gaming PCs and Screen Racing among others.

The event was spiced up with performances and attendance from some of the top Ugandan celebrities who are also known to be ardent fans of gaming.

A Pass who is known for playing the FIFA Play Station games didn’t miss in action as he came and performed his collaboration Memories with Liliian Mbabazi before making it to the hub to take part in the various games.

Comedian Daniel Omara who is not a soccer fanatic settled for the VR 9D games. The event hosted by comedian Patrick Salvador kicked off with performances from Fresh Kid who excited the audience with his free style performances.

Later on, Bruno K, Toniks, Lillian Mbabazi, comedians Madrat and Chiko, Nina Roz and Spice Diana took to the stage to entertain the revelers who turned up for the gaming experience.

Drinks and bites kept on flowing throughout the day courtesy of the Gamer’s Empire. The two proprietors of Gamer’s Empire are a young couple with the woman, Natasha Patience Kabushenga as the CEO of the hub. She narrated how they came up with the idea of starting Gamer’s Empire.

“For Gamer’s Empire into existence, me and my Husband Mr Kabushenga used to play a lot of games at home and cheering him up was the therapy every time he got back to work tired” Mrs Kabushenga said.

Kabushenga shares that during lockdown, it was when she instilled the idea of her and the husband starting a gaming hub and today, Gamer’s Empire sits on the second floor of UK Mall in Kansanga.

Boasting of first-ever 9D gaming assets in Kampala, Gamers Empire will be the new gaming haven where fanatics of Virtual Reality, Predator Machines and 9D gaming will converge to enjoy the ultimate best that gaming technology has to offer.

The state of the art arena is fully attended to by expert gaming guides who will give you a few tips and make sure that all your gaming needs are fulfilled.

Mr Brian Lister Kansiime the marketing manager of Gamers Empire shares that the hub will also hold the biggest gaming tournaments in the country, seasonal competitions and award winners, to promote the gaming culture in Uganda.

“Here at Gamers Empire we have games and consoles for people of all ages. We believe that no one is too young or too old to enjoy video games,” he said.

Gaming in Uganda is on the rise with at least one or two families out of ten owning a gaming console in their house.


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