God saved me from running mad! Singer Kemi Sera shares how she overcame depression

Singer Kemi Sera (PHOTO/File).

KAMPALA – As is the norm ever since the lockdown started, Pastor Wilson Bugembe hosts different celebrities at his Nansana based Worship House for a scientific Sunday service.

Last Sunday was not any different as the singing pastor hosted songstress and Former Kream Production singer Kemi Sera who publicly testified how God saved her from running mad.

Kemi Sera could not hold her tears as she testified about God’s goodness when she visited Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s church as she broke down as she narrated to the congregation what the Lord has done for her.

She confessed how she has had a rough time but through prayer, managed to make it back on top.

“I remember the last time I was in this church, the world had pushed me so hard that I almost gave up. I had literally run mad because of different things that were going on in my life. Everything changed when I came here, Pastor Bugembe prayed for me,” she said.

Testifying in tears, Sera added that she has seen God’s goodness since then and so thankful to God for His mercy and love because if it were not for Him, she would not be where and how she is to date.

Kemi Sera further stressed how she was returned to her ancestral home but failed to locate and recognize her parents.

“I have been through a lot of trials and tribulations in this world. A lot of negative things have been talked about me and I got ashamed. But I thank God for having saved me from running mad. I reached at the extent of being returned to my ancestral home but I couldn’t even tell who my parents were. I swear from today and on wards I will never forsake God,” she said.

Sera also revealed how she had composed a song praising for God appreciating all the good things He has done for her.

Few months ago, Kemi Sera went through depression that saw her come out publicly to reveal that her former manager and boss Hajji Haruna Mubiru in Kream Production was the cause of her bad situation.

She accused him of being a violent man who was also not only exercising domestic violence on her but also failed to take care of his responsibilities. Hajj Haruna however quashed all the allegations saying he respects women and can never beat them.


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