I’m only in love with Jesus – Martha Kay

Actress Martha Kay

KAMPALA – Renowned actress and comedienne Martha Kay Kagimba has cleared any doubts of being in any entanglements with anyone at the moment.

During an interview with one of the local TV stations yesterday, the entertainer denied being in love with anyone but Jesus.

When she was asked whether she was in love again, Kay revealed that she had nothing going on with anyone at the moment.

“In love? I’m not, unfortunately,” revealed Martha Kay. When the interviewer further asked if she was seeing anyone, the jolly actor replied, “only Jesus!”…and laughed it off.

She, however, left hints of soon getting back in the game as she revealed that she is “open to love”.

“I’m not in love but I’m open to love. Anytime now, I’ll be letting you know. I am very single..very!” she emphasized.

Four months ago, controversial singer A Pass publicly proclaimed his love for Martha Kay but according to the actress, A Pass is her good friend, who helps her in many deals.

Back then, photos of the two enjoying a moment together when they met at a party made rounds on social media. Martha Kay later shared the photos on her social media and in her caption she revealed what a funny “FRIEND” A Pass was and she urged her followers to keep such friends around them. She also noted that their madness matches.

“Get you a friend that matches your madness. This my friend is actually mad but I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are,” she wrote.

A Pass was however not ready to be friend zoned by the actor as he quickly replied, distancing himself from the friend zone and revealed how he was madly in love with the comedienne.

“Am not just mad, am madly in love with you Martha Kay,” he replied.


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