Kabako roasts fellow artists for staying quiet about Nubian Li’s arrest

Singer Roden Y Kabako

KAMPALA – Team No Sleep (TNS) singer Yusuf Ssenabulya alias Roden Y Kabako has castigated his fellow artists for keeping quiet as singer Ali Bukeni also known as Nubian Li is still held by security agencies.

The singer is angry with the fact that no single artist has come up to demand for the release of the Firebase Crew Vice President yet the artists were vocal when Nigerian singers Omah Lay and Tems were arrested last month.

He claims that Ugandan artists were vocal with the intent of hooking collabos with these Nigerians and painting a good picture for themselves in the Western part of Africa, something he considers selfish coming from them.

The ‘Sitani Tonkema’ singer is angry with the fact that when it comes to fellow local artists, they cannot stand for them but instead coil their tails between their legs and act like everything is okay. He wonders what is wrong with them.

Singer Nubian Lee

“Free Omah Ley because you wanted collaborations and recognition. Now that one of your own is incarcerated, you act like all is well. Dear our celebrities, what’s wrong with you. Problems, ensi lwaki ebamazeemu nnyo? Free Nubian li and everyone under illegal detention,” he shared.

Kabako has joined a number of a few other celebrities and political activists requesting for the release of Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, and other National Unity Platform aides who are under illegal detention with the different security organs in Masaka.

The detained suspects were arrested while National Unity Platform Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu was heading to Kalangala to canvass for votes ahead of the January 14th general elections.

They were later remanded to Masaka Prison on Monday after a court appearance until 19th January.


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