Kenyan High Commission touches lives at Bless a Child Foundation humanitarian support


KAMPALA — Bless A Child Foundation has received a courtesy visit from the Kenyan High Commission led by HE Kiema Kilonzo as part of an integral humanitarian and philanthropic initiative.

The timely visit is primarily intended for the delegation from the High Commission to attain a firmer understanding of the BCF and more so make a relative contribution to the wellness and support of the children living with cancer.

Cancer occurs in people of all ages and can affect any part of the body. It begins with genetic changes in a single cell that then grow out of control that often result in a mass or tumor. If left untreated, cancer generally expands, invades other parts of the body and eventually causes death. At the Bless A Child homes, children and their caregivers are provided with services that include but not limited to accommodation, meals, a home school education, transport to and from hospital subsidized medical support, bereavement support, play therapy, counselling, psychosocial support among others. These services are provided to the children and caregivers at no cost.

“Our work is driven by the altruistic love and desire to help vulnerable children. Your contribution enables us provide a loving family and a place to call home for these children. So be it sponsoring an individual, facilitating the building of a home, providing food items and financial support- it all goes towards saving a life,” James Walusimbi, BCF Founder and ED elaborated. BCF is a subscribed member of the Union of International Cancer Control (UICC), Childhood Cancer International (CCI) and the Uganda Cancer Society (UCS).

Walusimbi further emphasized “Significant improvements can be made in the lives of children with cancer especially by early detection. A correct diagnosis is essential to treat children because each cancer requires a specific treatment regimen that may include surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.”

“I am overly impressed and equally humbled to see the strides that the Bless A Child Foundation have made since 2010 for an age group that is particularly helpless and fully dependent on parental or guardian support. This is a very commendable partnership for the Kenyan High Commission and most importantly for Uganda. We are optimistic that our contribution today will go to a worthwhile cause,” remarked HE Hon Kiema Kilonzo, Kenyan High Commissioner. The Kenyan High Commission made a total contribution of items worth UGX15m comprising of 11 double decker beds and food rations (rice, posho, cooking oil, milk, biscuits amongst others).


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