Museveni’s lawyer Kashillingi says Bobi Wine failed to find evidence for his petition

Counsel Hussein Kashillingi

KAMPALA – Counsel Hussein Kashillingi who happens to be President Yoweri Museveni’s lawyer has said that every case should be judged on its own grounds, arguing that Robert Kyagulanyi – Bobi Wine’s petition could not last because he had no enough reasons.

“The question is, where is the evidence?” he asked.

“When it came to bringing the evidence, it was not forthcoming for a long time. That is when we knew this is a fishing expedition,” he added.

KashiIlingi was commenting on Bobi Wine’s move to withdraw his election petition from the Supreme Court.

In a letter, Kyagulanyi instructed his lawyers led by Anthony Wameli to withdraw the petition, saying that he didn’t expect fairness there.

Last week, Bobi Wine asked the Chief Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo and three other judges to recuse themselves from the petition, saying that they are impartial, having represented Yoweri Museveni before.

He said he did not expect justice from what he described as a compromised Supreme Court. He said he would put the case to public.

However, counsel KashiIlingi says the public expressed its opinion on January 14th. “They said President Museveni should lead us for the next five years.”

KashiIlingi says when one goes to court, you expect to win or lose.

“There is no draw. The courts don’t become biased because Hon. Kyagulanyi says so. He has been in that court before.”

“When he wins, the courts are okay. When it doesn’t go in his favour, then the courts are biased.”


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