Our leaders must concentrate on solving needs of the people rather than identity – Museveni

President Museveni campaigning in Soroti

ARUA – President Yoweri Tubuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni who is also NRM Presidential candidate has on Sunday met with youth leaders from the West Nile sub-region at Muni University Arua city, where he conveyed to them the NRM message and why they should vote him.

“My message was that unlike in the past where political parties were formed on identity something which did not only divide the parties but also the Nation, the NRM preaches unity, peace, and reconciliation and our leaders must concentrate on solving the needs of the people rather than identity,” said Museveni, adding that
“We should remember that it has been Unity which has also helped us create a national army which has played a big role in defeating our internal enemies and also stabilizing the Nation.”

Uganda’s longest serving President said that it is the peace that thier army has created that has encouraged investors to set up factories, hotels, and ICTs that have created jobs for many of our youth.

Also these ventures generate revenue, Museveni says increase tax base and that’s “how we have managed to fund all these projects in sectors like Health, road, education, electricity and more.”

He also said that the leaders should engage in the Safe methods of campaigning during this time.

“These methods should include village mobilization, door to door.”


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