Schools, Places of worship remain closed as Museveni further eases lockdown!

President Museveni President Museveni addressing the nation on covid-19 pandemic

President Yoweri Museveni has said that churches and other places of worship will remain closed until scientists find a suitable strategy to get them re-opened.

He said that schools will remain closed as experts study the situation.

““With schools, a decision will be made before September because that’s when third term is supposed to start,” President Museveni said. “I do not want to declare a dead-year yet because a lot of scientists are working on the vaccine and it may come sooner than later. Let us give it a month and focus on distance learning.”

President Museveni said that because of the tough measures that were introduced, Uganda has registered small infection numbers with no deaths.

He said that people who don’t take COVID-19 seriously are not only endangering themselves but they are also endangering other groups like health workers.

“After four months of enemy [COVID-19] attack, only 1,072 people have been infected and 958 have been healed, with nobody dying. It seems some people are not happy with this and are asking why Ugandans are not dying,” he said.

President Museveni also announced several measures that eased the lockdown which he announced in March, to control the spread of coronavirus

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