Presidential advisor donates to Ghetto youths


President Yoweri Museveni’s advisor on Youths and coordinator for the ‘Skilling Uganda’ initiative, Dr. Hillary Musoke Kisanja has come out to support the ‘Ghetto Youth’ in the festive season.

Kisanja is one of the individuals that were fronted to help the National Resistance Movement, reach out to the Ghettos of Kampala ahead of the 2021 elections.


On Thursday, he visited several Ghetto areas preaching for calmness among the youth and also donated several food stuffs along with cash money to help them during the festive period.

Kisanja toured places including Kalerwe, Kamwookya, Salama Road, Kisenyi, Kikoni, Zzana and Katwe where he handed out Meat and Rice to ‘Ghetto Youths’ leaders.

While visiting them, Kisanja advised the youth to remain calm, keep peace and vote for Mr. Museveni.

“Do not be misled by desperate individuals who can not lead Uganda forward, Kisanja said.

“Uganda has a route on which it has moved for 35 years and one on which it will continue moving.

“I advise you to remain calm and not to take part in protests because the government has big plans for you, plans that will be executed after the elections.

“Just do one thing, vote for Mr. Museveni and then wait for developmental projects that will come your way afterwards.”

Kisanja’s massage got to the Ghetto Youths’ instantly as they promised to vote for Museveni and ensure peace and calmness during the elections.

“Thank you for all that you have given to us in this period, one of the Ghetto Youth commanders said to Kisanja.

“You have proved to us that you care unlike these other individuals who are only asking for votes but have never come to our aid.

“We will ensure peace during the elections and also vote for Mr. Museveni.”

For years, the Ghetto has been closely associated with National Unity platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

He has in the past self proclaimed that he is the ‘Ghetto President’ with several youths coming to appreciate the tag.

However, the NRM government have now moved to ensure they have support in the Ghetto as well, a move that Kisanja looks to bring home before the elections.


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