Rapper Jora MC attacks Mun G in new song


KAMPALA – Lately, it has become a habit for Ugandan rappers to use their music to attack each other. The rappers drop several lines in their tunes attacking their counterparts on a thing or two but mostly about supremacy on who is the Lord of rapping game in the country.

While in this pandemic, we were treated to the beef saga where Gravity Omutujju and rapper GNL Zamba attacked each other on social media and through music.

As their musical fight was slowly fading, another rapper known as Jora Mc also came out and attacked fellow rapper Emmanuel Mungi Matovu best known for his stage name Mun G in a song he even decided to name Sorry Mun G.

In the song, the rapper calls Mun G selfish and greedy, reminding him how other artistes joined Hiphop and made other stars by nurturing them and inspiring them into the game but Mun G has failed to help others make it big in the same genre of music.

The rapper castigates Mun G for being self-centered and not doing anything to nurture any talent in the rapping field despite the time he has been there.

When we contacted Mun G about a comment on the song, our efforts remained futile as the Bintwala singer was unable to be reached.

Beef in the rapping genre of music in Uganda has existed for some time and at some point, it culminated into some nice songs from the beefing rappers.

Jora MC is an underground singer who has just started spreading his music to different audiences and his latest song is Sorry Mun G.


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