Singer Victor Kamenyo talks about his beef with Gravity Omutujju


KAMPALA – Singers Derrick Katongole alias Victor Kamenyo and Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju have for a long time not been on good terms with each other and they have been publicly showing it.

The two rappers have time and again thrown jibes at each with both claiming that they are the Kings when it comes to hip-hop in the Ugandan music industry.

Earlier on in 2015, Omutujju and Kamenyo staged their concerts; ‘Omwotto’ and ‘Silina Malala’ respectively on the same day hoping that fans would flock to one of the concerts and sabotage the other.

Speaking during a recent interview, Victor Kamenyo explained the genesis of their long-term beef declaring that it began way back in high school.

Kamenyo noted that they attended Old Kampala High School with Gravity Omutujju and Rickman Marick of the ‘Bango‘fame.

The trio that was in the same class on several occasions sat behind the class and did some music with Janzi Band’s Michael.

“We were the same clique of rappers and very happy. We had no problem but I think he got mad because my music was better than his,” Kamenyo said during an interview on a local TV station.

According to Kamenyo, Gravity Omutujju started his professional music career a little faster than him and was the first to get a breakthrough song but he overpowered him when released songs like ‘Agawalangana’, ‘Baveko’ ft. David Lutalo, ‘Lukiko’, and ‘Siyina Malala’, among others.

“There were some other personal issues but right now, I’m a grown-up person in mind and I’m focusing on my music and politics,” Kamenyo who once expressed his interests to run for the Rubaga North MP seat revealed.

Both artists enjoyed quite some time of fame when they had just stepped into the industry defying the odds of rappers being limited to GNL Zamba and Mun G. Much as Gravity has struggled his way to maintain this fame by treating his fans with hits year in year out, Kamenyo still struggles with the music industry and now opts to join politics to supplement his musical career.


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