Some leaders led by State Minister Kizige are purveying false information to President Museveni – Kadaga

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga being hosted at talk show on Busoga One FM, in Jinja

KAMPALA – Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has decried how a group of leaders is purveying false information about her to President Museveni.

“Some of our leaders, led by State Minister for Karamoja, Moses Kizige, are fighting me and purveying false information to President Museveni,” she said.

Kadaga who was on a talkshow on Kamuli Broadcasting Services Radio (KBS radio) on Wednesday revealed that recently, the President summoned her to State House and availed her a 7-page document, authored by State Minister for Karamoja Moses Kizige cataloguing several falsehoods about her.

“Recently, the President summoned me to State House and availed me a 7-page document, authored by Kizige, cataloguing several falsehoods about me. Fortunately, the President summoned Kizige and several other leaders from Busoga to attend the meeting,” she said.

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“I disproved the litany of lies. Some of the leaders in attendance, such as Minister for the Presidency, Esther Mbayo, disagreed with the allegations. The author had not expected the President to show me the letter. Instead of succoring development for our sub region, some colleagues are engaged in such acts,” she added.

The Speaker’s remarks come weeks after she claimed that many NRM leaders were sponsoring party members to decampaign her during the party’s Central Executive Committee elections.

Ms Kadaga, who was re-voted 2nd National Vice Chairperson (Female) of NRM Central Executive Committee, said some party members were paying delegates not to vote for her.


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